Welcome to ACUDEO College Thornview Secondary

School times

Grade 8-12

  • 06:45-07:25 – Arrival, screening and sanitising
  • 07:30-15:30 – Teaching and learning
  • School ends at 15:30
  • All Grades are given 30 minutes break twice a day at alternating periods to observe social distancing.

Why you should choose ACUDEO College

Christian Values

Christian based education with discipline at the centre of our offering and a crucial differentiator in the market.


Coding prepares kids for the world we live in today.Coding is telling a computer, app, phone or website what you want it to do. Some educators and experts are calling it the ‘new literacy’ a subject so important that every child needs to know the basics to excel in our rapidly changing world.

Leap to Know App

This app and programme seeks to bridge the gap and eradicate numeracy and Literacy from the Foundation phase providing learners with skills to make them successful for their entire schooling career.

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EGD Engineering Graphic Design

Offered as a subject at the FET phase and aim to equip learners with emphasis to teach specific basic knowledge and various drawing techniques and skills so that the EGD learners will be able to interpret and produce drawings within the contexts of Mechanical Technology, Civil Technology and Electrical Technology.

MathU Teaching Emporium

MathU Teaching Emporium is a programme that offers learning tools to our Grade 10 learners in order to enhance their Mathematics skills and prepare them for a brighter future.

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Location of the school and facilities

ACUDEO is located just off the R53 in Soshanguve and easily accessible. We have 56 well equipped classrooms that are fitted with the best technology to enhance the learning experience of our learners. Three computer labs, equipped with 35 computers each, are dedicated to support learners in subjects like CAT and computer based learning programmes in Mathematics and Reading. These programs form part of the timetable and serve as interventions programs in the afternoons as well. Our science laboratories are equipped to give learners opportunities to experience science hands on and make links to everyday life.

We have a special Junior School section that accommodates from grade RR to 3. Special road safety track and equipment enhance the learning experience for our learners.

Our sports field has two netball courts and a soccer field with an athletics track.

The hall can accommodate just over 900 people where Drama, Music, Dance and other cultural activities take place. It forms the heartbeat of our school as this is the place where the school gathers for the opening on Monday mornings to start our week encouraged and motivated to conquer any challenge that might arise.

The Administrative block is where all the support for teaching and learning start. We have 6 offices, photocopy room, walk-in safe, storerooms, staff room/training room, boardroom, teachers’ meeting rooms and ablution facilities. In our workshop on site there are skilled maintenance staff that takes care of the everyday challenges in and around the buildings.

Our Tuck Shop is linked to our brain friendly philosophy. During the week we do not sell any fizzy drinks or sweets. Learners can buy healthy meals here at an affordable price. On Fridays we allow learners to use their money to get the sugar rush and then we send them home to their loving parents to enjoy it together.

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