Health and Safety measures to prevent Corona virus (Covid-19) in our school

1. Screening

All learners are urged to adhere to health and safety protocols at all times. We will continue to screen all learners when they enter school grounds on a daily basis. Learners presenting with high temperature during the screening process or during the course of the day will be isolated and parents will be contacted to send the learner for further investigations with a medical professional. Such  learner(s) will have to present proof in a form of medical report to resume normal schooling. Parents are requested to keep their kids at home if they present with Covid-19 symptoms.

2. Social distancing at school

We observe a social distancing policy of 1.5m in our classroom with a maximum of 17 learners as compared to the normal 35 learners per class.

3. Wearing of Mask

Staff and learners are compelled to wear a mask and/or face shields at all times in the school premises. We also urge parents and learners to adhere to wearing mask(s) when transiting to school.

4. Sanitize

We installed sanitizing stations at various points of entry in all our buildings and classrooms in order to prevent the spread of the virus. It is compulsory for all learners, educators, staff and visitors to sanitize at all times.

5. Tuckshop and Break-times

We closely monitor health and safety protocols during breaks, educators take turns to manage learner adherence to safety measures. We have re-organised  our break-time table to minimize the burden.

6. Blended learning

Learners who are still at home and/or learners who have fallen ill will be supported through our online learning platforms such as Google Classroom, ITSI and other communication channels will be utilised. Parents must make sure they provide their kids with the relevant devices and sufficient data. Tablet specifications can be requested from our administration desk.

7. Alternative teaching days

A staggered timetable model has been developed to give an opportunity enough classroom contact session. As from the day of re-admission for Grades RRR/RR/R and 1, as well as Grade 12, learners will attend school every day. All other grades will attend on alternate days so as to meet the COVID-19 regulations of Social Distance (17 learners per class as compared to 35 learners under normal circumstances), while still providing all learners with intensive classroom contact education. For every month a roster of alternate days will be worked out to give each learner attending alternate days, 5 full school days in a ten­ day cycle. Each school will now make available to learners and parents their respective timetables for the alternate school days (Day 1 to Day 5 in each cycle) for each separate Grade. The school day will also be staggered to help manage proper screening and social distancing on the terrain during break times. A detailed staggered schedule can be downloadable from the D6 connect app.

8. Scholar transport

We allow a maximum of 70% capacity in our scholar transport buses. All safety  protocols are observed to curb the spread of Corona virus (Covid-19) second wave.

9. Nurse and social worker services

We have sought to appoint professional nurse and social worker for all our schools to help with learner orientation, screening and psycho-social services during this trying times.