ACUDEO College Aftercare Programme

We have aftercare facilities available at an extra cost. We can accommodate learners from 6:00 in the morning programme and the aftercare programme until 18:00 in the evening. Learners receive lunch and support with homework at an additional cost.

Morning care and Aftercare programmes:

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Option Times Service rendered
1 Before school from 6h00
School will only start at 7h30
  1. Supervision by a caretaker.
  2. Basic breakfast like cereal, oats or mieliepap and milk & tea.
2 After school until 18h30 at the latest when the gates will be closed.
  1. Light lunch
  2. Tea/juice and snack 15h00
  3. Supervision for children to do homework by caretakers.
  4. Supervision on playgrounds
  5. Use of the computer centre on certain days for English reading improvement programmes and/or CAMI maths.
  6. Parents must please to inform the aftercare staff if their child participates in any extramural activities.
3 Both before school and after school supervision needed. All above

Parents have to complete the aftercare application during the registration process. Please contact the relevant campus in this regard.