Welcome to ACUDEO College Crystal Park

Covid-19 Returning Schedule

Covid-19 returning dates per grade

  • 1 Jun 2020 – Grade 7 and 12
  • 4 Jun 2020 – Grade RRR,RR,R,1 & 3
  • 9 Jun 2020 – Grade 2,6 & 10
  • 17 Jun 2020 – Grade 9
  • 22 Jun 2020 – Grade 4 & 8

School times

Pre-schoolers: Grade RRR-R    and Junior College: Grade 1-7

  • 06:45-07:25 – Arrival, screening and sanitising
  • 07:30-13:30 – Teaching and learning Pre-school and Junior College
  • School-ends at 13:30 for  Pre-schoolers and Junior College
  • All Grades are given 30 minutes break twice a day at alternating periods to observe social distancing.

Senior College: Grade 8-12

  • 06:45-07:25 – Arrival, screening and sanitising
  • 07:30-14:20 – Teaching and learning Senior College
  • School ends at 14:20 for Senior College
  • All Grades are given 30 minutes break twice a day at alternating periods to observe social distancing.

Why you should choose ACUDEO College

Christian Values

Christian based education with discipline at the centre of our offering and a crucial differentiator in the market.


Coding prepares kids for the world we live in today.Coding is telling a computer, app, phone or website what you want it to do. Some educators and experts are calling it the ‘new literacy’ a subject so important that every child needs to know the basics to excel in our rapidly changing world.

Leap to Know App

This app and programme seeks to bridge the gap and eradicate numeracy and Literacy from the Foundation phase providing learners with skills to make them successful for their entire schooling career.

Learn more

EGD Engineering Graphic Design

Offered as a subject at the FET phase and aim to equip learners with emphasis to teach specific basic knowledge and various drawing techniques and skills so that the EGD learners will be able to interpret and produce drawings within the contexts of Mechanical Technology, Civil Technology and Electrical Technology.

MathU Teaching Emporium

MathU Teaching Emporium is a programme that offers learning tools to our Grade 10 learners in order to enhance their Mathematics skills and prepare them for a brighter future.

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Message from the principal

I have been a resident of Crystal Park for over 22 years and have witnessed all the exciting developments in this quaint part of Benoni. It gives me such great pleasure to head this excellent school and to contribute to my community reaching higher and making a bigger impact on our world. I have more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of education, including managing the professional development of teachers at the South African Council of Educators (SACE). When I wake up in the morning I am powered by the opportunity God has given me to play a leading role in the lives of all of our learners as they discover life, acquire knowledge and learn more about themselves in creating their own futures. I am deeply aware of the importance of our parents as stakeholders in our school and seek to nurture this relationship at all times. I love my staff and I love the children you have entrusted to us for their education. As a very proud Principal of this school, I thank you for visiting our website.

Ms Sekgametsi Sebotsa

Refilwe Ratau Grade 10

Experience at ACUDEO College from a Learner

My greatest experiences spent at ACUDEO– Let me enlighten you:

ACUDEO has opened massive opportunities for me to become the greatest in my upcoming future. They have allowed me to expand and grow as a young ambitious individual. Becoming one of ACUDEO ambassador’s is indeed an honour. Prayer has become an essential part of my spirit wellbeing, God has become a corner stone into my prosperous future.

 I have achieved quiet a lot at the college so far, to list a few –

  • Academics: my results have improved and my level of understanding has increased mainly because of the quality of education the school has put in place for the students.
  • The friendly environment is very accommodating.
  • Values Assembly is enjoyable yet educational and it recognizes and showcases the many talents within a group of individuals.
  • Sports become another important factor into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Hockey and netball are the two sports I ’m currently involved with.

I really enjoy been at school as it has instilled many values in me and has created a positive role model in me.

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